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          Xinxiang Guobing Refrigeration Co.,Ltd.is specialized in manufacture the truck refrigeration units and vehicle airconditioning system. Since the company founded,we are committed to R&D and manufacture large cooling capac-ity,quick cooling,reliable quality,safety and environmen-tal friendly truck refrigeration units and vehicle airconditioning system,and developed the DC powered A/C of commercial vehicle and RV according to the customers'requirements. We have seven series products include the freezer and cooling series of truck refrigerationunits,preparation of power unit,air conditioning system for construction machinery,bus,truck and DC powered a/c.More than forty models of the above products will be meeting the different needs of customers. Now,we are the OEM supplier of China's top brandrefrigeration vehicle manufacturers,such as Liuzhou Wuling,Beiling,Tianyun,Foton,Henan Xinfei,etc.At the same time,we have been exported our products to Middle East,Africa,SoutheastAsia,South America market. Our truck refrigeration units are suitable for 2-40M3 truck container and can be installed on different vehicle chassis. Our company also manufactrues the segment type evapora-tor,condenser and coil of heat exchanger which can suitable for all kinds of vehicle A/C and truck refrigerationunits. Our company has passed ISO9001-2008 quality controlsystem certifying.

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